Hi art fans — this is the archives, a snapshot if you will, of Deirdre Spencer's graphic design portfolio website, circa 2005, when it won a Horizon Interactive Award for Self Promotion/Corporate Identity, Honorable Mention. It has since been redesigned, rebuilt from scratch, and relaunched at deirdrespencer.com — go check it out if you want to see what I've done lately.

Also archived here are two websites created in the 90s for now defunct visual effects company Mass.Illusion (later bought out and rechristened Manex Visual Effects). The first, a corporate site for Mass.Illusion, was my first website design, dating back to 1996, and the winner of numerous web awards including a Four Star review from Excite. The second was the Manex Visual Effects 2000 Oscars Edition Website created to promote their groundbreaking visual effects such as those created for The Matrix.

Keep in mind while browsing here that links may well be out of date, and if you dare to look under the hood, don't be put off by the cobwebs. This stuff was pretty cool back in the day. Enjoy.